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Aimee Bassett Milligan reviewed FitRanX Westminster
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Been going here for 4+ years. Love it and am always challenged!

Jerry Armstrong reviewed FitRanX Westminster
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My wife had been training at Summit Fit for about a year. She was getting incredibly strong and confident about her new physical abilities (i.e clapping pushups, kick boxing, and kettlebell throws). I reluctantly joined to show my support for her and now we're a team. Yes... we are ninjas. Come join us!

Sandra Bradberry reviewed FitRanX Westminster
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Summit Fit Dojo is AWESOME!!! The staff is very supportive and encouraging. The workouts are fun but make you sweat at any level of fitness you are currently in. I have lost 10 pounds in the 6 week transformation challenge and couldn't be more happy and appreciative for everything they have done for me.

Steve Carino reviewed FitRanX Westminster
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This is THE premier fitness facility in the area. Supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable coaching. Top notch exercise program design that's effective and gets you results quickly and safely. Train with the best! Highly recommended!!!

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