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Spartan Military Sprint Video

Spartan Military Sprint Video

Inspiration – Where do you get yours from?

If you don’t think that this video is inspirational, than we don’t what is.

Now, what we don’t want you guys to think is that doing these obstacle course adventure mud run races are impossible.  But, they will give you a challenge.  They will test your physical abilities.  They will test your mental toughness.  They will test your endurance.  But… isn’t that why life is so exciting — all the tests we get to conquer and accomplish?

If you’re interested in doing the Spartan Military Sprint on May 4th 2013, Summit Fit Dojo has put together a team.  Simply email us and we’ll love to get you guys signed up on our team.


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Coach Javier Lozano Jr is the owner and head fitness instructor at Summit Fit Dojo. He's been in the fitness and martial arts industry for most of his life. Coach Javier has also competed professionally as a Sport Karate athlete, and winning a NASKA World Championship title, and CKA Colorado State Championship title, so he knows what it takes to achieve goals and be successful. Coach Javier is a certified personal trainer, certified kettlebell instructor, and certified bootcamp instructor -- all with some of the leading fitness organizations in the country. View all posts by Javier Lozano Jr

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